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Our company profile.

Company Profile

Design group was founded in the year 1998 in the Syrian Arab Republic, by Aws Aleryani & Anas Samrah. It started by offering several advertisement services, especially in design and printing.

In the early 1999 Aws returned to his home land "Yemen", and reestablished the company in the capital Sana'a, leaving a branch office in Syria.

Thanks to it's reputable services , DG has gained the trust of major clients in Yemen , like P&G , Yemeni airways, and the UN office , to name a few .

Design group continued to offer printing and advertisement services, and steadily incorporated new services to its ever expanding list of distinguished and pioneering services:

  • By the early year 2000, DG was a known name in the world of TV and radio infomercials with series of animated and filmed TV and radio commercials, broadcasted with great success through Yemeni and Arabic media.
  • In the year 2000, DG started to conduct and execute marketing studies and campaigns.
  • In the early 2001, DG started to design internet sites, and soon became the leading Yemeni company in offering internet application, with a number of the most important and successful Yemeni sites to its credit.
  • By the end of year 2002, DG was an important designer and distributor of promotional items in the Yemeni market.
  • At the end of year 2003, DG established a new department devoted for outdoor signage, and negotiated several major deals in marketing and renting advertising spaces in high traffic areas in Sana'a.
  • In the early 2004, DG ventured in the world of Telecommunication and IT, through importing high quality telecommunication equipments, and designing internet applications based on telecommunication techniques.
  • In the mid 2004, DG hired a group of outstanding engineers, to complete its design spectrum, by offering interior and architectural design services.
  • At the end of 2004, and based on its internet and marketing infrastructure and expertise, DG stepped surly into online and direct marketing.

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