You can use GIFTS2YEMEN services to send gifts to anyone in Yemen, take a look at one of GIFTS2YEMEN products:
Title: Yemen Sphere<br>Description: Yemen Sphere is a Yemeni company works in Telecommunication services. Agent for Sphairon.<br>Client: Yemen Sphere Title: NDS<br>Description: NDS is a drilling services company.<br>Client: NDS Title: Alwatan newspaper<br>Description: Alwatan is a Yemeni online newspaper.<br>Client: Alwatan Title: Yemen Bazar<br>Description: Yemen Bazar is one stop shopping for Yemeni products online.<br>Client: The Design Group Title: Sahtaen<br>Description: Sahtaen is a brand for Al-Nakhlah food products.<br>Client: Al-Nakhlah Title: Max Clean<br>Description: MaxClean is a brand for liquid soap.<br>Client: Max Clean Title: Ala Almashi<br>Description: Logo for SMS project powered by The Design Group<br>Client: The Design Group Title: PSDP - Private Sector Development Project<br>Description: As its name indicates, it is a program to develop the private sector in Yemen, supported by GTZ.<br>Client: GTZ Title: Dalil Alyemen<br>Description: Online business directory owned and developed by The Design Group<br>Client: The Design Group Title: ZARE Real Estate<br>Description: Romanian Real Estate company.<br>Client: ZARE Title: Mediterranean Ltd.<br>Description: Syrian-Yemeni company works in general trading.<br>Client: Mediterranean Ltd. Title: KB Trade<br>Description: Yemeni company works in Advertising, Marketing and General Trading.<br>Client: KB Trade Title: Aloula<br>Description: Aloula for supplies is IT & Computer accessories distributor.<br>Client: Aloula for supplies Title: Advanced Group logo<br>Description: Advanced group (Yemen) was a general trading company which needed a simple logo.<br>Client: Advanced Group Title: Aljadwal Logo<br>Description: Company specialized  in water filtering techniques<br>Client: Aljadwal Corp. Title: NOD logo<br>Description: NATIONAL CENTER FOR HUMAN RIGHTS & DEMOCRATIC DEVELOPMEMT <br>Client: NOD Organization Title: Seeds logo<br>Description: Skills Empowerment and Enterprise Development Solutions centre<br>Client: seeds education Title: Sohob Logo<br>Description: Cotracting and Trading Company<br>Client: sohob Cotracting and Trading
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