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Title: Yemen Mall<br>Description: Yemen mall is a B2B Yemeni website.<br>Client: The Design Group Title: Maskanak for real estate<br>Description: Yemeni real estate website.<br>Client: Maskanak for real estate Title: GIFTS2YEMEN<br>Description: Send gifts (flowers, pastries, cakes, chocolate) from anywhere in the world to Yemen instantly.<br>Client: The Design Group Title: Mayo News<br>Description: An electronic newspaper published by General People Congress (GPC).<br>Client: 22Mayo newspaper Title: Almethaq Net<br>Description: An electronic newspaper published by General People Congress (GPC).<br>Client: Almethaq Newspaper Title: SMS Yemen<br>Description: SMS Yemen, provides SMS services and solutions such as news alerts via SMS.<br>Client: The Design Group Title: Sanaa 2004<br>Description: In the year 2004 Sanaa was the Arabian Cultural Capital.<br>Client: Ministry of Culture Title: Naba News<br>Description: Independent daily electronic newspaper.<br>Client: Naba news Title: Girls World Communication Center<br>Description: The Girls World Communication Center (GWCC) was established in 1998 as a non-profit organization as the first language Center in Yemen catering exclusively for girls. The centre has been registered as an NGO at the Ministry of Culture as well as the Ministry of Education since January 2001.<br>Client: Girls world communication center (GWCC) Title: Alhutheily Corporation<br>Description: Alhutheily Corporation (Alhutheily) is a leading local firm providing Oilfield Services, Transportation, and Logistics. Alhutheily is specialized in the provision of integrated oilfield supply and services to the foreign and local Companies operating in Yemen.<br>Client: Alhuthiely corporation Title: Almotamar Net<br>Description: A Yemeni daily newspaper published by PGC (Public General Congress).<br>Client: PGC (Public General Congress)
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