The Design Group :: Advertising, Marketing, and Training
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The Design Group :: Advertising, Marketing, and Training
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Creative & Graphic Design: Our goal is to show your message through innovative designs that make your message easier to get.
Branding & Corporate Identity: The company logo is the foundation of the brand or the corporate image. The Design Group team through many years has created a lot of corporate identities for a wide range of clients in many fields.
Newspapers & Magazines: The Design Group helps its clients to publish their ads on the local newspaper & magazines, starting from designing an innovative design, to choosing the suitable media, size, and the proper time.
Outdoor & Displays: Nothing like outdoors can reach more people for the money, it is the most effective advertising solution, we can help you put your ads on Billboards, Mupies, Prismas, Stands, or Digital Screens, and in many places, in roads, squares, malls, and airport.
TV & Radio Productions: Radio and TV are still effective in Yemen, especially if you need your message to reach rural areas. We can give you full package of service, starting from producing your media, ending with choosing the right station and time to broadcast.
Newsletters & Direct Mail: If you have a limited budget, this way may be suitable for you, to reach people through sending newsletters via email (considering not spamming), or deliver your printed materials to mail boxes via Yemen Post services.
Internet & Web Design: These days, every business needs a website. There is a lot of web designers, but since your website is your image, you have to be very careful in launching your website, because a bad website is a bad image for your business.
Bag & Package Design: Eye catching packages worth money, because the first impression may be the last in the highly competitive retail world. Make sure you have the best package design for your product, and choose the design that sells.

Information Technology

Web Design: Web design is a hard-easy process. It is easy to design a website, but it is very hard to make a design that meet the web special requirements, you cannot use heavy pages, and you have to check your design in different browsers (IE, FireFox, Opera, Chrome, ..), and such small details are what make us different.
Web Development: What makes us special in web development that we DO NOT USE THIERD PARTIES SCRIPTS, unless we tell our client we will do. We always do a tailor-made solutions for our clients.
Search Engine Optimization: Your website is useless if nobody finds it. This is a very common rule in the www world. We do not guarantee but we make our best to make your website in the first search results.
Web Ads: The Design Group has signed a reseller contracts with many Yemeni websites to publish ads on their websites. To name some: Almotamar Net, Naba News, Alwatan, New Yemen, and Lahj News.
Software and Applications: Our experts work to fulfill your company needs in the software and applications field, whatever is your needs, we can create desktop applications, web applications, and mobile applications.
VAS: Value Added Services are growing rapidly in Yemen. We offer news alerts, advertising, information, SMS chat, and other services.
Integrated Solutions: We can offer our clients a special integrated solutions which may not be available, like barcode systems, plastic cards printing, GPS services and much more.


Photography: We provide on location, and in our studio photography services for our clients. We also have landscapes photos from all over Yemen.
Video Production: We produce commercials, documentaries, TV series, and video clips, with full HD capabilities.
Audio Production: We produce audios in a professional studio, we produce Radio commercials, songs, and any audio projects. We also have the capability to publish CDs, DVDs, and Cassettes.
Broadcasting: Whether you need your commercial to be broadcasted in Yemen TV, Alsaeeda, Saba, Al-Iman, or Suhail, we can give you best rates. Also we can broadcast your radio commercials in any Yemeni radio station with the best rates.
Animation: We have the ability to producing simple animations in our office, or complex animations with the cooperation of a professional freelancers.
Presentations & Interactive CDs: Our capabilities in multimedia production make it easy for us to provide presentations and interactive CDs. We also provide kiosk backgrounds design, e-Catalogs, and 360 virtual tours.

Marketing & Training

Positioning: When people think of your services or industry, does your company name come up to their mind? That is exactly what we do for you.
Image Consulting: When you need help to make your corporate identity, or if you need to rebrand, we can help you.
Direct Marketing: Databases of mail boxes, and mobile numbers in Yemen are not well categorized yet. But we are doing our best to deliver your ad to the targeted clients.
Digital Marketing: World is going online, and you have too. We offer email marketing, social networking marketing, search engine optimization, and more.
Campaigns: Using our services and capabilities we offer a full marketing campaign, starting from corporate identity and branding to doing some marketing studies: specify target, choosing marketing tools, and timing. Your message with us will reach your clients clearly.
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